Eat Up • School lunches for underprivileged children in Australia

Poverty is indiscriminate, affecting the lives of children all around the world, including our own backyard. When Lyndon Galea learned that children in his hometown of Shepparton in Victoria were hungry, he was stunned. He was unable to accept that in a country as prosperous as Australia, people could be going without, and immediately set out to rectify this wrong.

Lyndon runs Eat Up, providing school lunches to underprivileged Australian school children. The program identifies at-risk children, which can include those of parents who are welfare dependent, unemployed, newly arrived refugees, Aboriginal or impacted by domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse or mental illness.

Eat Up partners with other charities collecting surplus food from farmers and retailers, and delivers ready-made, healthy and wholesome lunches prepared voluntarily by Apprentice Chefs at TAFE organisations direct to disadvantaged children at no cost.

By providing healthy lunches to children who would otherwise go without, our most vulnerable members of society can stay healthy and maintain the energy required to learn.