The Action Foundation • improving the lives of children with disabilities in Kenya

1.5 million children in Kenya are living with some form of disability and despite them having greater needs than the average child, those living in slums are less likely to attend their local school or medical clinic. This situation was not one that qualified nutritionist Maria Omare was willing to stand by and ignore.

She now runs The Action Foundation, a volunteer based organisation in the Kibera slums for children with disabilities, enabling them to lead healthy and dignified lives.

The centre accommodates special needs children from families unable to provide for their child due to lack of financial means, skills or knowledge. They offer occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nutritional and day care services and some of the children have even received life changing corrective surgery.

Under the care and supervision of Maria’s team of volunteers, these children can learn to walk, talk, feed, bathe, groom and clothe themselves, allowing them to integrate into society no longer as social isolates, but as valued members of society.