Meet Some of Our Local Leaders


NONI, African School for Excellence

Using a revolutionary classroom design, the African School for Excellence leverages technology to deliver world-class education through a network of high quality, low cost secondary schools in South African townships. Co-Founder Noni is working hard to support these highly intellectual children who would otherwise be forced to leave school and enter the workforce at an early age.

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MARIA, The Action Foundation

Maria is the founder of The Action Foundation, a volunteer-based organisation in the Kibera slums, enabling children with disabilities to lead healthy and dignified lives. The centre accommodates special needs children whose families are unable to provide for them due to lack of financial means, skills or knowledge. They offer occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nutritional and day care services. Some of the children have even received life changing corrective surgery. Under the care and supervision of Maria’s team, the children can learn to walk, talk, feed, bathe, groom and clothe themselves, allowing them to become independent, valued members of society.

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EVANS, Mamlaka Health

Dr Evans Osembo is the founder of Mamlaka Health. After losing his uncle to a complication from a preventable illness, he set about establishing a network of clinics capable of providing high quality and yet highly affordable healthcare. Evans is redefining healthcare in Kenya. The locations of his clinics are carefully chosen to ensure clinician-led centres with well-equipped laboratories, pharmacies, and imaging services are on the doorstep of communities with the greatest need.

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