How we do it

raise funds


How do we fund our work?

We are entrepreneurs ourselves, and run profitable social ventures and fundraising efforts to fund our work.

We don’t rely on government handouts, monthly donations or bequests and we certainly don’t rattle tins on the street.

Our social enterprises are wholly owned and operated by YGAP, i.e. there are no impact investors, secret shareholders, or dividends paid to directors.




How does our impact model work?

YGAP finds, accelerates, supports and grows early stage ventures run by local leaders with solutions to poverty in their communities through its Spark accelerator program.

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Where do we work?

YGAP backs impact entrepreneurs in South Africa, Kenya, Bangladesh and Australia.

What does it mean to improve a life?

This means an impact entrepreneur is running a venture that creates jobs, builds better homes or improves access to education or healthcare services for people living in poverty. 

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