How we measure our impact

At YGAP, we believe impacting a life means more than giving a child a book. It means providing that child with a quality education and enabling them to attend university and reach their full potential.

We rigorously measure our entrepreneurs’ impact using the IRIS catalogue by the Global Impact Investing Network.

We collect data from our entrepreneurs and figure out which IRIS metrics align with the outcomes they are creating. Usually we limit it to the two most significant outcomes emerging from their work.

We manage this information in a database with their impact before they started working with us, the IRIS metrics we are helping them track and their latest numbers.

Every three months our entrepreneurs fill in an online form with their latest impact numbers, or our local country Directors call or visit them to collect these numbers.

We do try and visit as many of the entrepreneurs’ projects as we can throughout the year to conduct checks and ensure they are measuring the right outcomes