We believe in a world where every child receives a quality education and an equal start in life.

5cent is a creative fundraising campaign that puts value back into the five-cent coin and funds initiatives that improve global access to education.

There’s over $150 million of five-cent coins circulating in Australia and we ask everyday Australians to help us collect them and use small change to drive big change.

It takes only a handful of these coins, just $5, to help a child go to school – yet most people wouldn’t stop to pick one up off the street.

All proceeds raised by the 5cent campaign will support YGAP’s local leaders improving access to education in some of the world’s toughest communities. We achieve this by channelling funds into ventures that:

  • Remove barriers to accessing education.
  • Provide children with the resources they need to stay in school.
  • Increase their capacity to succeed.