Our Model

YGAP finds, accelerates, supports and grows early stage ventures run by local leaders with solutions to poverty in their communities through its Spark accelerator program.

This means an impact entrepreneur is running a venture that creates jobs, builds better homes or improves access to education or healthcare services for people living in poverty. 

FIND: We start by finding the best local leaders running early stage ventures addressing one or more major root causes of poverty. We cast our net far and wide, reaching out to discover untapped potential. We receive hundreds of applications for each intake and select a group of the most promising ventures to enter the accelerate phase.

ACCELERATE: Those selected enter a five-day intensive live-in accelerator where they receive expert advice and panel beat their business models to scale their ventures. By the final day of the accelerator, we have equipped our local leaders with the skills required to pitch their ventures for additional support.

SUPPORT: For a year following the accelerator, each of our impact entrepreneurs enters the support phase of our program. Here, we provide them with ongoing strategic advice, pro bono legal advice, marketing support and small financial grants for them to test ideas or overcome obstacles. In this phase, we are committed to ensuring all of our local leaders can overcome adversity and reach their full potential.

GROW: The final phase of our program is called the growth phase. This is where we select our most successful impact entrepreneurs having the greatest impact on their communities to receive larger financial grants of up to $25,000. In the growth phase, we give our impact entrepreneurs the funding they need to flourish and mature into sophisticated, sustainable enterprises that can uphold communities.