OUR impact MODEL

Our mission is to help local entrepreneurs improve the lives of people living in poverty. 




Each time we have an intake of new entrepreneurs, we conduct a national search for local startups who have launched a venture to change the lives of people living in poverty. We advertise the opportunity through social media, radio, TV, posters, newspapers and also have great relationships with pipeline partners like Acumen, Ashoka, Echoing Green, Village Capital and the Unreasonable Institute who refer organisations to us.



Once we have selected twelve entrepreneurs for an intake, they go through an intensive live-in accelerator.

During the six days of the accelerator, they are taken through our proven training course with support from both our local and international Spark* teams. Their business models are refined and they are equipped with the skills to pitch and market their idea, make and look after money, measure their impact, build teams, innovate new ideas, network and strategise.

On ‘Demo Day’, held at the end of the accelerator, all of the entrepreneurs pitch their idea to a room full of investors, philanthropists and leaders who vote to decide which projects will receive seed funding from YGAP.

Once an organisation goes through the Accelerator, they receive 12 months of support from YGAP to improve their strategy and impact more people, in more effective ways, more sustainably.

Here are some of the ways we support them:

Strategic Advice

Entrepreneurs are often so driven to achieve their mission, it is important to stop and speak with someone who can offer some perspective and help them refocus their efforts. Our strategy advisors are all experienced entrepreneurs themselves and provide this support through face-to-face catchups, email and skype calls.


We all know that it costs money to build a venture, whether it’s a social business or non-profit. We are eager to see them build something that does not rely on charity to keep going so we provide small rounds of funding to test new ideas that will help them achieve sustainability or overcome barriers to growth.

Graphic Design

Having an awesome brand, logo and marketing collateral is essential to ensuring a venture stands out from the competition and helps our entrepreneurs create hype around what they are doing. To help with this, we have a team of professional graphic designers who provide world class graphic design support to our entrepreneurs.

Web Design

We set up our entrepreneurs with a website, domain name, hosting and custom email addresses to help them and their team present as a professional and high impact venture.

Impact Monitoring

We don’t believe it is enough to be doing ‘nice’ work. Our entrepreneurs need to be making a difference. Our experienced and qualified impact team works closely alongside them to measure the impact their venture is having on people living in poverty. This in turn, helps them better understand and market the change they are affecting.

Research Assistance

Market or sector research is vital to any growing venture and we provide injections of research support to our organisations so they can remain focused on changing people's lives.

Legal Support

We established free legal support for each of our entrepreneurs through our good friends at Thomson Reuters.



Successful entrepreneurs move into the growth stage, where they access larger support and funding to grow their ventures.

The goal of our model is to help move a startup entrepreneur from impacting tens of people to hundreds or thousands of people. The best ventures that come through our program move into growth, where we provide larger amounts of support to help them grow a model that has been proven in the startup phase.

At this level they have access to larger grants of $25,000 Australian dollars, are connected directly to our investor partners and our team work closely with them to strategise specific approaches that will help them dramatically increase their impact and sustainability.

To date, our entrepreneurs have moved through to Acumen, the Unreasonable Institute, Ashoka, and impact investments. If you are an impact investor or later stage supporting organisation for social organisations and want to partner with us we encourage you to get in touch.