Challenges men to paint one nail to raise awareness and funds to support the one in five children who suffer physical and/or sexual violence before the age of 18.

Polished Man challenges men to nail it to end it.

One in five children experience physical and/or sexual violence before the age of 18. That's one too many.

Polished Man starts with painting a fingernail. That nail leads to a conversation. that conversation inspires a donation. That donation allows for awareness, prevention and protection.

And it ends with a world where no child suffers from violence.

Polished Man also encourages women around the world to rally behind the Polished Men in their life and celebrate positive masculinity by telling the world they prefer a Polished Man.

All funds raised through Polished Man are channelled into trauma recovery and trauma prevention programs for children who have suffered or are at risk of suffering violence globally.

These include numerous YGAP impact entrepreneurs running ventures that reduce violence against children or provide emergency relief to those that have fallen victims to physical and/or sexual violence.

Funds are also channelled into some incredible work being carried out by Hagar International, The Australian Childhood Foundation, The New York Centre for Children and World Vision Australia.


Major Partners