Our Story

In 2008, a group of friends decided they wanted to combine two loves: travelling and volunteering in countries below the poverty line. After a quick search through international volunteer programs and contacting effective charities in the field, they were quickly disenchanted by the exorbitant fees attached to volunteering abroad. Furthermore, a lot of the NGOs didn’t offer sustainable development solutions. Rather than volunteering through formal agency programs, they took matters into their own hands, fundraising within their communities and taking flights to Africa to help build a better world...and YGAP was conceived.

In 2015, YGAP merged with Spark International, shifting its impact model and joining forces to empower impact entrepreneurs around the world with local solutions to local problems. After eight years we have stopped to reflect on our achievements and in doing so, have recognised this is only the beginning. We are proud of the journey we’ve taken, but driven by the potential that lies ahead.

BOARD MEMBERS: Aaron Tait: YGAP Chief Impact Officer Adrian Lynch: Senior Associate, Nodco Legal Daniel Madhavan (Chair): Former CEO, Impact Investing Australia David Curtis: Director of Innovation, World Vision Australia Elena Critchley: YGAP Co-Founder Elliot Costello: YGAP CEO and Co-Founder Kaitlin Tait: YGAP Impact General Manager Manita Ray: YGAP Chief Operating Officer Marianne Roux: Head of Consulting, Cirrus Asia Pacific.

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One child dies every five minutes as a result of violence. That’s one too many.

We believe in a world where no child suffers from violence. Unfortunately the reality right now is very different.

One child dies every five minutes as a result of violence. That’s one too many.

YGAP’s Polished Man Campaign encourages men (and women) to take a stand and actively commit to ending violence against children.

By painting one nail for the month of October, they represent the harrowing statistic all while sparking conversations, driving awareness and raising funds to ensure no child suffers from violence.

88 per cent of sexual violence is perpetrated by men, but the Polished Man movement is not about pointing the finger. It’s about empowerment.

While most men do not commit violence, all men can play a role in addressing it.

Polished Man is about asking men to unite and lead by example, channelling their collective strength to protect society’s most vulnerable members and our future leaders.

Funds raised through Polished Man are channelled into trauma prevention and trauma recovery programs for children who are at risk of or have suffered violence.

These include YGAP’s impact entrepreneurs, running ventures that target the root cause of violence against children or provide emergency relief to those who have survived physical and/or sexual violence.

The majority of children who experience violence are those who live without access to a quality education or healthcare services, live in an unsafe home or whose parents face unemployment.

That’s why we put a strong focus on trauma prevention. We want to end this issue, not just treat it. And if we’re going to end it, we need to get to one of its major root causes – poverty. With your continued support, that’s what we will do.

Funds are also channelled into some incredible trauma recovery work being carried out by World Vision Australia, Hagar International, the Australian Childhood Foundation and the New York Centre for Children.


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At YGAP we don’t believe in formal hierarchy, but we do believe that good governance structures are important to enable us to operate efficiently, effectively and help us achieve greatness! 

If you see any of these legends out and about, please introduce yourself and give them a high five!